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New treatment product for our Deluxe Facial
Detoxifing Ginger-Wasabi Masque
Anti-aging, Rejuvenating, Detoxifing.
This new treatment masque improves & brightens the complextion using crushed freshwater pearls & deep cleanses the skin with activated charcoal. Pure ginger stimulates while removing toxins. Schedule your Deluxe Facial with this new masque today & enjoy your new brighter complexion!
Only $85.00 85min.



Nurture your body and mind with facial and body treatments that are personally designed for you! Customized services include facials, peels, microdermabrasion, waxing, back & body purifying treatments, with add-on "mini spa" express spoilers offered.

Appointments are necessary. Complete retail selection for skin care & spa products available featuring our own exclusive organic anti-aging skin care line for women & men.

Just2Spoiled's skin care line includes:

2-Shea Skin Care System - A complete facial care system that includes a facial and neck moisturizer & anti-wrinkle treatment. Click to read more.

Truegirl Skin Care - Starter skin care for young girls. Environmentally sustainable ingredients & components made in the U.S.A. Click to read more.

Atzen Skin Care -Age Reverse Safely! Offers ideal safe, natural, high performance ingredients. Your skin will be transformed to healthy balanced & radiant complexion while slowing the aging process. Click to read more.


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Corrective Skin Care & Beauty Facial Shea Skin Care System Created for Men & Women.

• Intense Moisturizer • Ultimate Skin Restorative Properties
• Skin Lightener • Wildcrafted, Organic Biodynamic
• Natural Sun Protection • High Desert Plants - Made in U.S.A.

A complete facial care system that includes a facial and neck moisturizer & anti-wrinkle treatment; 2 part moisturizing system; made with rich organic shea butter & skin restorative desert botanicals that are wildcrafted, organic & biodynamic; highlighting rose geranium pure essential oil fragrance that is effective in preventing premature aging skin.

CLEANSING LOTION: Is a no-sud, silky smooth, soft cleansing facial wash. With a natural formulation of aloe and shea, alcohol and perfume free, it ensures that cleansing, moisturizing and tonifying of all skin types. More gentle than soap, but still whisks away dirt and makeup to leave clean, smooth skin. Made with organic shea butter, certified Organic Biodynamic rose geranium hydrosol and rose geranium essential oils. $19.00

FACIAL TONER: Is a pure Rose Geranium Hydrosol, ph balances certified Organic Biodynamic. Known as astringent, detoxifying and regenerative, Geranium oil may be one of the best oils for diverse skin problems, such as oily or congested skin, inflammations, eczema, broken capillaries, varicose veins, dermatitis and is effective to prevent premature aging skin. Men can use in place of after shave. $14.99

THE SERUM: Face lift anti-wrinkle formula high in GLA'S & essential fatty acids. A strong cell regenerating cream; that promotes cell growth. Tightens and lifts damaged skin; natural skin lightening properties; sun protection, use as a base under moisturizer. $32.50

THE MOISTURIZER: A restorative cream highly moisturizing with moisturizing collagen building peptides, made with cold processed oils of shea, carrot & jojoba, prickly pear oils to restore dry skin. The desert plants of burdock, chaparral, rose, licorice and primrose have flourishing properties of vitamin C and B complex, Gama Glucosides (natural sunscreen) and minerals of zinc, iron and calcium that have natural peptides to restore cellular aging damage. $32.50

No fillers, synthetics or harmful chemicals. Blended moisturizing and nutritive oils and desert plants that are high in Vitamins and Minerals. Desert plants have adapted and survived in extreme hot dry climates, holding all the moisture of the desert and carry a natural UV protection. 2-shea products are made with these desert plants and oils that are restorative, shielding the skin from extreme weather and harmful UV Rays, even in the driest climate.

Set price of 4 items @ $84.99 (facial toner free with set..savings of $14.99)

Skin Care items are available for purchase through Janette Robertson, Aesthetician
@ 775-720-6650.

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